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Unleash your software
development with 300% faster
CI/CD performance

Cut your pipeline running time from 40 mins to 5 minutes with the next generation hybrid automation platform.

300% Faster CI/CD Performance

Easy Migration, Setup & Use

Robust Enough for Complex Test Cases


Before and After


Slow, Time-consuming CI/CD

Developers and devops engineers waste hours every day waiting for testing, integration and deployment, slowing down development of mobile applications, servers and databases.

Hardware & Resource Limitations

Complex testing and automation scenarios need substantial resources, which aren't always available, limiting a developer's productivity and results.

Security Risks & Network Exposure

Most CI/CD solutions require you to share your code with their servers, exposing your network to security risks and potential attacks.


Spend More Time Building, Less Time Waiting.

You want speed? You’ve got it! BuildBen breaks down even complex tasks and manages its own processes by using the power of local machines and build parallelization!

No Interference, Just Speed.

BuildBen uses only spare resources on developers’ computers, so you won’t experience interruptions or slowdowns—just faster automation and processes!

Run Sophisticated Test Cases and Heavy Load Scenarios with Ease

No task is too big or complex for BuildBen. Whether you’re testing a massive database or deploying an app, you can get the job done.

Robust Security for Enterprise CI/CD

Keep your code safe and secure! BuildBen lets you build and test on your own network, giving you the convenience of the cloud without network demilitarization or having to expose your network.

Put Your Spare Resources to Work

BuildBen uses spare CPU and RAM from your laptop, server, cloud spot or wherever you develop software, seamlessly automating testing and distribution—without impacting your work.

Easy to Use

Tell BuildBen what you need to do and it does the rest! Simply check a box or export a configuration file to the repository and stop wasting time writing long scripts or describing tasks!

Always Have the Right Tool

BuildBen uses your environment, so you always have the tools and version you need to get the job done.


Hassle-Free Migration
From Your Favorite CI/CD Solution


Do you already have a CI/CD solution? Easily migrate to BuildBen without dependency
issues or breaking your flow. With a single click, you’re in.
Learn how easy it is to migrate to BuildBen and get a demo with a BuildBen team member.

/who do we work with

BuildBen Works with These Platforms

  • IOS (Swift+Objc)
  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • Android (Java+Kotlin)
  • MacOS
  • Golang
  • Docker
  • PHP
  • Kubernetes
  • Ruby
/Why people choose us

Why BuildBen Clients Choose Us

“BuildBen allowed us to optimize and speed up our processes for automatic testing, distributing test builds for our testers and putting them in application stores.

The BuildBen team has responsible and very profesional employees who always come to the aid as soon as possible on any questions that arise.

They are open for development and took into account and realised a huge number of our wishes.”

Igor Smirnov

Head of Mobile Development, UDS

“I’ve been in the market for automation tool for some time now. Couldn’t find something that is easy to integrate/use but yet comprohensive.

BuildBen solved our automation goals and we really enjoy this cooperation. It answered our need.”

BuildBen solved our automation goals and we really enjoy this cooperation. It answered our need.”

Lior Lasry

CTO&Co-Founder. ClassMe

“Thanks to BuildBen the evolution of development process from pre-CI era to the stage where we have a robust mobile CI solution took almost zero time (!) and it continues to pays off for us big time due to it’s almost effortless maintenance.”

Maxim Kurilas

Development Directior, SuperUp

/buildben help

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How did you calculate a 300%
    performance increase when switching
    to BuildBen?
  • Does BuildBen affect the performance of developer machines?
  • Can BuildBen handle environment changes, like network loss or moving between rooms?
  • Does BuildBen allow customers to use existing servers or clouds alongside developers’ machines?
  • Aside from faster CI/CD, why do teams use BuildBen?

We’ve carefully monitored our customers’ success after migrating to our platform and a 300% performance increase is the average improvement!

What used to require 30 minutes on a legacy cloud solution now takes just 6 minutes, for example. Now, our customers have more time to focus on other parts of their software development.

There’s nothing more frustrating than a slow machine, so BuildBen is designed to utilize only spare, unused resources, efficiently running in the background without impacting developers’ work!

You’ll never notice it’s there—except for the faster CI/CD performance.

Of course! BuildBen’s robust system handles edge cases with ease and effectively moves unfinished tasks between workers. Move around as much as you’d like and BuildBen will remain completely stable... even through network interruptions.

You know it! BuildBen’s worker process can be installed anywhere, no matter what you’re using.

From AWS to GoogleCloud to dedicated servers, BuildBen works on existing systems—though we recommend utilizing developers’ machines for maximum value.

Faster CI/CD and simple setup is great, but our customers also use BuildBen because it empowers them to conduct sophisticated automation scenarios that are extra challenging on legacy services.

From database performance testing to firebase virtualization to UI testing and massive computations, they finally have the power for demanding scenarios!

Plus, because BuildBen uses your development environment, you’ll always have the right tool.